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We have summarized their experiences with 1xBet in this review. Bet with Russian roots have been 2007 equipped in the industry and actively a valid license from Curacao. 1xBet German customers can register in just a few minutes on the betting portal.

1XBET Bonus 130 €

With around half a million members and more than 1.000 Betting shops in Europe 1xBet one of the major bookmakers with a high level of security. New customers will receive as a welcome gift an attractive 1xBet bonus.

This consists of a 100% Betting bonus of up to 130 Euro. This is not the only offer, you can expect from this city. Because 1xBet is definitely a betting portal for cheap Hunter. As compared Comparator, is examined in this test.

Welcome Bonus

you have no time, to read detailed reviews? Here is the direct link: Now to 1xBet and a 130 € Bonus

We carry a 1xBet-test, so that we can compare sports betting provider in bookmaker comparison with other bookmakers. The rating covers all major areas of the provider. Of websites on various sports to quotas and customer service, we test everything. At first glance, the dealer cuts a good figure.

This is not only because the welcome bonus 130 Euro. There is no 1xBet wagering control. German customers can complete tax-free Betting. Betting tax is not paid. In addition 1xBet Deposits and Withdrawals will be offered free of charge and many innovative payment methods such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Skrill available. The sports betting area is very good.

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More than 50 Sports available. Among them there are many disciplines, which are rarely of other bookmakers or not available.

These include sports such as water polo, chess, Gymnastics, Wrestling or squash. Of course, the classical discipline is not too short. Portfolios are developed with virtual sports betting and E-Sports. If you want to know, as 1xBet works, click our detailed eSports comparison.

For the most popular sport bookmakers offer a variety of betting options. Up to for any event or meeting 1300 Betting options available. No other bookmaker can keep up here.

even Bet, the best sports betting provider in the industry, can not. In 1xBet test we talk again about this highlight. By the way all sports bets can be typed mobile using the 1xBet application.


1XBET Bonus 130 €


In comparison of sports betting has 1xBet very good job. Bets have one of the largest portfolios in terms of sports and betting depth. Everyone can find something! In addition, we have found, that 1xBet can not provide opportunities and has a very good opportunity key, which is very high at football betting course.

Football is one of the major sports betting. You can use all the big clubs and tournaments in the world. 1xBet focuses not only on men's soccer, but also offers numerous betting tips for women's football! This is another highlight. The German football it is possible, on the first and second league, to bet the Regional and the Oberliga.

1XBET betting tax

In our 1xBet experience you can in every Bundesliga game from more than 1.000 Select race options. In addition to classic betting markets are also Asian Handicaps, Target Bets, Yellow and red cards, Corner Bets, part time- and Final bets available.

In addition, there are many special bets as “Which leg gets the goal”, there is “headers” or “If the first goal is scored”. In addition, you can access players', Dismissal- set and trainer decisions. Everything is on sale. Therefore, we recommend that all football fans, to register for 1xBet.

1XBET betting tax

Our reviews of other sports are also positive. Take for example Basketball. You can access the NBA, ULEB Euroleague, Eurocup, American League, Mexican League, Spanish League, Argentine women- and Men League, Swedish Championship and of course put the German League.

Again, there are many betting options. The 1xBet-Opinions of clients with regard to sports discipline and betting options is very good. We wish to emphasize again, that the bookmaker offers many disciplines, which are not or rarely available in other betting companies, as Crossfit, field Hockey, throw, Martial or Gaelic football.

1XBET Promo code 130 €

Betting can be filtered. You can set it by the hour. There is also a preview of sports betting for next days. In our 1xBet test we give 9 from 10 Points for a great portfolio.


1XBET Live stream

With our 1xBet experience, we have compiled a short video tutorial for you. Within minutes you can learn everything about sports betting, Bonuses and placement of betting tips.

Of course, we get at least on bookmakers and show you various sports betting strategies, which can increase your chances of winning. The more expertise you have, be more successful your sports bets. The video is a good basis for all beginners.


For customer service, the stakes are not too bad. Our 1xBet experience is even exceptionally. Because customers can contact staff in various ways for free. In addition to classic email service you can, to contact customer service via live chat or a telephone hotline.

For special problems, you can access the e-mail address of the different areas, so you can land directly in the corresponding contact staff knowledgeable and helpful. You can also speak German. There is a slight loss. And although the hotline is not free, because it is a foreign phone number.

There is a reasonable fee. Amazingly, we found, that the live chat is always available in our 1xBet test. For urgent matters, you can use the FAQ section on the website. This is widespread. We offer an excellent 1xBet rating for these facts. For the customer there 9 from 10 points.


The 1xBet bonus for new customers currently consists of a 100% owned betting bonus of up to 130 €. In the bonus bonus comparison, a 1xBet bonus is good. For premium luxury secures first to 200 Euro.

This is not a bad start. You can open up a bonus without the 1xBet bonus code. You only need an initial deposit of at least 10 active US dollars. Our experience 1xBet, after you are allowed to use all payment. Fair bonus conditions. Because the minimum quota 1,40 is and you need to convert the bonus amount only five times in Betting.

1XBET Bonus 130 €

At a maximum bonus 130 Euro are there 500 Euro. Bets do not specify a specific time slot! So you can spend time, to play free games. In addition, there are no restrictions in the betting- or sports markets.

The only disadvantage, if you can call it a weakness, is, that only a combined use of at least three station wagon for the premium can be used. However, this is not too difficult for different sports betting options.

1XBET Promo code 130 €

The welcome bonus can as usual only once per customer, family, Address, Computer, IP Address, Bank account and credit card use. Before a payment is possible, You must confirm your identity with a valid ID.

Through our link you immediately get this new customer promotion. In our 1xBet test we give 9 from 10 points. We recommend Premium- to bet and pro-novice alike.



1xBet is one of the few bookmakers, the online currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin offer or dogecoin. So that the city is one of the first in the industry, these safe and innovative payment offer. In addition to mobile payments 1xBet offers. You can deposit at Vodacom, make mobile cash and many other mobile operators.

1XBET Promo code 130 €

Of course, you can also use traditional payment methods such as bank transfers, credit, credit, Instant transfers, Paysafecard, EcoPayz, pay Skrill and Neteller. Although there are no 1xBet Paypal, there are many alternatives to choose from. The deposit is usually immediately. That's for free.

This also applies to payments. Our 1xBet experience after payment is made within 48 hours. It only takes a few days for bank transfers. The minimum amount for deposits is already at a euro. Payment can be made in the amount of two Euro. We give 9 points of 10 Points in 1xBet test.


1XBET betting tax


We do not want to exclude from our experience with safety and licensing. Bet there since 2007 and there are more than 1.000 Betting shops in Europe. This proves seriousness. Moreover, bookmakers valid licenses from Curacao.

The customer's opinion is positive in, as it concerns the safety aspect. Bet with Russian roots operated by 1x Corp NV. This business is located on the island of Curacao in the Caribbean. This web site is guaranteed with modern SSL encryption. The bookmaker promises, not to disclose information to third parties.

1XBET Bonus 130 €

1xBet met our criteria for all major safety standards. He is one of the leading suppliers. That's why we give our 1xBet test 9 from 10 Points on safety from.



Chances are among the main points of bookmakers. In our 1xBet test we watch this area carefully. In our view, nothing negative to report. City airports cut the odds from well and often offer the best ratings in football betting.

1XBET betting tax

Moreover 1xBet is tax-free. According to our calculations, the average rate is around key 96 percent. In football and other popular sports, the percentage of payments rises to 98 percent! That is very high.

Even Tipico can not follow. The opportunity is very unique. This holds true for lesser known events and sports. Here you can rate the key 93 to 94 rely percent. It is nice, that there is no tendency for outsiders or favorites, and the possibilities are constant. Even direct bets are very good quotes. With this result, you can not pass 1xBet. The rating is 9 from 10.


1xBet Bonus

1XBET Bonus 130 €

course bookmakers have a 1xBet application. We have tested the several weeks. Our 1xBet experience is positive. The structure is more familiar. The clarity of sports betting can also be a little better.

but that's only because, that the Bookie a large portfolio has, that must be accommodated in the sports betting application. It is great, can choose between several customers mobile versions.

IPhone users can download the download version in the App Store. If you have an Android device, You can find an application in the Google Store. Customers with other mobile devices can access mobile websites, is accessed via a smartphone browser.

Short charging time in our 1xBet test. All sports bets are available in the application. Similarly, deposits and withdrawals are always appropriate. The 1xBet rating this application is very good.





The site used to it. register instead of all sports bets on the left side, they are situated at the top of the bar and are marked with symbols.

If you click on one discipline, opens a submenu, where you have to scroll, until you get the desired meeting. modern home pages, But the visual design may be a bit better.

1XBET Bonus 130 €

There are many betting options, there is also the feeling, that the site is overloaded. In addition, it can sometimes cause charging problems. In practice, the division is in various categories, Leagues and competitions.

Good is also the filter function and the search box. It allows you to enter the name of the tournament or the team. All important information is visible at a glance. Here the dealer has ensured, having to click back and forth not forever. You can load the homepage of the way in different languages. For a 1xBet experience with apps and websites we give 9 from 10 points.


1XBET Promo code 130 €

The life

Let's go for 1xBet Live Betting. We hope, that the bookmaker does not give up here. And we can tell you, You will not be disappointed. The live betting offer is very wide. We have a 1xBet experience, offered at the ever large amounts of real-time betting.

Moreover, there are all kinds of sports – few exceptions – for real. This is sensational. Even horse racing, Greyhound racing and e-sports can be in the game. If you click on Live Betting, It opens with an animation and many important details gameplay.

There are also statistics. The first class is, that can be followed by many events live streaming. Some dealers offer the. Even the betting options are up 400 still betting options large. We can not hold and give it 9 from 10 Points in our 2018 1xBet-Test.


1XBET Register


The mobile wagering application is not the only additional service, of the city heard. Because 1xBet has a good casino- and bingo area. Online casinos are in Casino compare with the best gambling portals.

This is not surprising. Diversity is also offered in the casino area. They have more than 500 different games to choose from. Many slot machines, Slot machines and table games such as video poker, Roulette and blackjack are included.

1XBET betting tax

This software comes among other Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, Endorpgina und Pragmatic Play. This good offer is completed directly from the dealer area, can be played in the Baccart.

In addition to the casino area bookmakers have lots of offers for existing customers. The range of promotions, Bonuses and free rounds is very large.

In addition, there are always competitions, where you can win big prizes. Each player collects automatically every game or every bet, he placed, Bonus points. Points can then be exchanged in the voucher shop. Our 1xBet experience you also have the option, participate in many tournaments. We will not list all offers individually. This is too much Just look at the stakes of. We give 9 from 10 Points in 1xBet test.


the border

With regard to the winning limit, we can give any details. Because the airport in relation to the conditions there are no limits. We suspect nothing. This is good news for high rollers.

The upper limit is rare luxury, particularly in amateur sports. You can win, what you want. The restrictions are not in the right place. With regard to the minimum bet limit, you can place sports betting only for pennies. For this 1xBet experience we give a high score. 1xBet is useful for beginners and professionals. In 1xBet test we give 9 from 10 points.

1XBET Bonus 130 €


As German betting customer you have to pay no 1xBet control. We have created this experience for all sports bets. Independently of, ob Boni, Multi-Bets, Directly- or pre-match betting, All are tax-free. this means, that all your profits are dirty and equal.

Nothing was deducted. Vertebrae and profits. Since bookmakers also offer the best opportunities in the industry, You can look forward to sensational betting. We found it amazing, to say the least express. Because almost no bookmaker accepts for its customers, the Betting Duty. 1but already xBet.

1XBET Login

Examples of the 1xBet control:

  • use: 10 Euro for a quota of 4,50
  • profit calculation: 45 Euro Gross profit
  • net income: 45 Euro


With 84 Points were the 1xBet bet calmly and quietly on in betting. Especially in terms of depth and betting opportunities 1xBet has left the competition far behind.

Currently, there are no other bookmaker, the betting options and portfolios of comparable. Also, are Russian Bookie sports available, which are rarely offered on other betting portals.


1XBET Bonus 130 €

This is sensational. The highlight is, that all bets and winnings are tax-free. Customer service is available at all times in different ways. Security is provided with a valid license from Curacao.

In addition, more than 400.000 Customers Join 1xBet. This amount will definitely increase after our review. Because you really can not get past this bet than betting professionals and beginners. Even the welcome bonus really has it all. In our 1xBet test we can see hardly any weaknesses and definitely make recommendations for this great bookmaker.

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