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1xbet App – Application for Android and iPhone

UPDATE: At present, we can not recommend 1xBet. Many customers report among other things, payment problems. When looking for a leading sports betting application, try the Tipico application!


For many of you, the term does not mean much 1xbet. It does not matter, because the Russian Bookie is still relatively new on the German market and is therefore not as widespread.

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Of course, this has nothing to do with quality, but more time. The longer bets on the market are, this is more famous, and without achieving great progress, We also expect this development 1xbet.com.

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The following article is less about the bet itself as the 1xbet application. Because you can use the bookmakers do not know with the desktop version and give your advice there simply.

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Thanks to the Android application downloads 1xbet this also works for most mobile users. For the, what we actually say. We have analyzed the 1xbet application and in particular its compatibility with different operating systems and devices:

the 1xbet application for which platforms fits?

  • Mobile view with all mobile devices
  • As 1xbet Android application
  • As 1xbet application for iOS
  • Application for Windows products

It does not sound bad, what is offered here. Thus 1xbet offers all mobile users at least most own applications. Would you bet with your Android Phone Tips, no problem. This works just as easily with the iOS or Windows 1xbet app.


Of course, we are all precisely illuminate, so that in the end nothing left. We all show before- Edit and disadvantages of 1xbet application and for all relevant points. From installation to deposit everything is represented.

Mobile betting on 1xbet to the application

Installation – Download the 1xbet App Download

1. 1xBet Android

Would you like to download the application Android 1xbet? Gut, we show you, how it goes.


You can not do much, just enter 1xbet into your browser and you will be automatically redirected to the view of the airport. Next, you have to scroll down and button “Mobile Application” Find. That should not be a problem for you, because the button is still marked with a cell phone and thus explains, what it is, namely the application download.

Decide when you click the button for Android Application Downloads. Again, you need to set up on your device, that you download the “Unknown Source” receive, since in the Android store any sports betting application is offered.

So before the download settings> safety> unknown source> unknown source / Origin are activated, the 1xbet application is loaded on your phone

2. 1xBet iPhone / iPad

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If you have an Apple device and want the iOS 1xbet app download order? No problem, the offer is available and is also associated with a little effort. What you have to do, to manage your first tips, is simple.

Enter 1xbet into your browser. You will be automatically redirected to the mobile phone display Dealer. If you want to opt out of the mobile display and download the application 1xbet, Simply scroll to the Home. Find the button “Mobile Application”, through which you can also set the language in inappropriate settings and switch to the desired language.


click on “Mobile Application”, to open the download page, on between Android- and iOS applications can choose. In this case, click on the character with the Apple App Store.

Now it's a bit complicated, is because it 1xbet so far failed, to create a German-language page on the App Store. This means, They come automatically to the Russian side. Do not worry, because is 1xbet a Russian city.

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Just click on the button “View in iTunes”. This will automatically enter the Store. Note, however, that you may be located in a German or Austrian Store, to obtain a 1xbet iOS application. However, you must be in Russian iTunes Store.

(Update: Some users report, that downloads of Russian businesses do not work. We also test themselves and can not download apps. IOS users from German-speaking therefore have to use the mobile site.)

It's a little complicated, but in the end there are no insurmountable obstacles. Follow download quickly and easily simply our instructions to download and you can 1xbet application for iOS and Apple.

3. Cellular Website 1xBet

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The easiest way, deal with a 1xbet application, certainly works with the mobile version / display. To feel between you probably, is certainly the best way, to put on Travel Tips.

For here it is not necessary, and of course there are no downloads. Some traders rely entirely on the mobile version and renounce the use. However, we think, that it is better, if we choose between an application and a page for mobile reactions.

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Therefore, we also found 1xbet so good. Although they are not used to it, put them right from the start a high step. You do not want to download the application? no updates, no downloads and problems with the mobile memory? Okay, just enter 1xbet in your phone's browser, and enter the mobile phone screen automatically on. There you can easily and above all quickly register.

Would you rather have a job? Read on to read our article for the appropriate operating system

4. Windows Phone

1XBET betting tax

Now to all users with Windows devices. Actually, there is no download application for your Windows Phone, but for your Windows product. . If you have a Windows computer, a Windows tablet or a laptop equipped, You can download the 1xbet application for this device.

With downloads you get 1xWin, a program, the placing of bets simplified. the point is, that this program saves placing bets before and during matches and accelerates cellular data. This program is for sports betting, Live betting and develop all kinds of Tote bets before the game.


therefore bookmaker gives you a point by point instructions, as you continue with Downloads.

1xBet registration in the application

The registry is very easy to 1xbet application. On the home page you will find the green button “Login”, which takes you to the registration screen. There you can choose between two methods of verification, by phone or e-mail, before the registration process begins. This is in 4 divided steps.

First, you need your country (in some countries in your region) Select your city. step 2 asks for the name and the currency of your choice.

1XBET Register

The next step is to select a secure password, and your e-mail address to enter. In the last step you can optionally specify your phone number. Additionally, you must confirm, that you have 18 Years old. After that, the registration for the 1xbet application is complete.

1deposit xBet

Of course, the theme of sports betting is one of the main points. Of course, the bet does not work on the go and no money on the betting account. If you want to place your bet spontaneously, you also need fast and easy money can deposit.

With 1xbet you certainly have no problems, fill your betting account, because Bookie offers more than just the possibility, to do that. Overall, we have in our tests over 30 various possibilities in, make deposits.

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There are classics such as Visa / MasterCard payments (Minimum investment of 1,00 €), E-Wallets who EcoPayz (Minimum deposits 1 €), Neteller with at least 2,00 €, Skrill (Minimum deposits 1 €) or deposits by EPS. Moreover, there are all sorts of other methods from the international region, but mainly suppliers from Eastern Europe.

Finally, it does not matter, whether you want to pay with instant bank transfer or with a credit card in the 1xbet application, You will not interfere with any obstacles. Both suppliers are present in addition to various other providers. Whether 1xbet with the application Andoid or iOS version, You will be spoiled for choice.

1XBET Login

1xBet menu

The performance of 1xbet.com Mobile is also based on menus and reviews rated. And that's true with the agreement, what we have scrutinized, because there is nothing worse than the design and the menu is too attractive and not visually appealing. However 1xbet application is not one of these cases. This bet convinced by a simple design and a clearly structured application.


Above for the deposit, input- Press or Enter. Below you can find the reason. Another level down you have visible sports. From football to table tennis you can choose your favorite sport.

In addition to this menu sub-item you have at this time a direct application and immediately start betting on the home page. With just a few clicks, you can place bets quickly here.

The 1xbet application was designed very interesting. Small frills and no disturbing details are unnecessary. The key to mobile betting is here.

A quick and easy place, to bet? Top with the 1xbet application.

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1xbet Application betting program

The insignificant part of the iOS 1xbet application and the 1xbet Android application is the betting program. In addition, there is usually a large and varied betting program. The best bookmakers are insured with promotions and special offers. Let's look more closely at, what 1xbet here are:


Number one is a game. Click on the football icon and go to the next game. Of course, you can also switch between each country and each competition and if you opt for example for a Champions League marriage, have more than 30 different types of bets to choose from.

In addition to classic betting and sports betting you can TOTO – classic or play with the right results. You can also choose between Toto football and hockey.

A nice additional function of 1xbet application, which gives you a change from traditional sports betting.

In the TV area, you can take advantage of even more features with the 1xbet.com Mobile App. Among other things, you can play Wheel of Fortune and bet, where the wheel stops and the number of wins.

The bet slipped

1XBET Bonus 130 €

Unique betting slips are ups and downs in bets, especially if you give tips when using.

Before you go to your bet slip, choose your tips. You can place bets at the same time and then press “In Slip Sliding” to press. All completed, then click in the overview “Unpaid betting”. The private betting slip is an overview of the selected games and tips combined.

You can also choose between individual tips and multiple bets and complete betting.

1XBET Bonus 130 €

not spectacular, but quite clearly is the betting slip in the 1xbet application. One click and enter your betting slip and there you will find only several options, you can select.


When it came to support, it was rather disappointing for the first time in our 1xbet application test. While other vendors direct chat here, E-Mail Contact, have phone numbers or other offers in the song list, 1xbet only offers e-mail addresses for general questions and paid phone numbers, which are free only for Russian customers.

That's more than nothing and satisfies only, what 1xbet has to offer here. In the upper class of our sports betting application is used better. Given the youthfulness of this betting company have time and space for further development exist. If you are now, provides 1xbet to, which will be discussed, what will happen in the future, what you now can not say.

1XBET Register

But perhaps Bookie will definitely come up with something and offer better service here and there. Update: With the application version 5.3 there is a button in the footnote “consultant”, which is a type direct chat window opens. There you can find only Russian letters. Of course, we want this service for German-speaking customers.


Can I deposit with the 1xbet application with Paypal on my betting account?

Right now we have to answer these questions without, because Russian Bookie is both here in the desktop version and with the 1xbet.com mobile application without Paypal as a deposit- or redemption fund. However, there are many other providers, you can fill up here with your betting account. Whether it's Mastercard / These Visa or Neteller.

something has to here for each 1xbet-mobile customers be. March 2017 Update: We are sorry to disappoint you still. Paypal is the only payment method, which is not available for bookmakers.

I can also bet on Asian Handicaps with the 1xbet application?

1XBET Bonus 130 €

Unfortunately Again, the answer is no. 1xbet does not offer Asian Handicap betting on, However European handicaps and other attractive options.

Among other yield betting, Gameplay, Over / Under, which team scored the first goal and many more. This is combined with single, collecting, System- and upwards and TOTO 15 and TOTO and the right bets.

Provides 1xbet also sports news?

With 1xbet you can not see directly the latest news, but you can, to follow the preliminary report and the follow the latest sports events on the video channel. In addition to this report, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the listed on a website called Video Channel Tournament.

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